The Remington Team - Two Hard Working Dads in Snohomish & King Couty taking care of your Real Estate selling and buying needs.
Lance and Sasha Anderson
"Dustin and CC are trustworthy and very hard working. We felt taken care of and looked out for every step of the process. We were most impressed with their excellent customer service approach and the success they continually have in the business."
Klay and Tonia Dresher
"To Dustin and his team for all their hard work, time and effort in making our home so attractive and appealing (we were almost ready to buy it again after reading the flyer!). We will gladly recommend The Remmington Team to anyone we know trying to buy/sell a home!"
Allen and Anne Clark
"Thank you Dustin for your personal attention and care in the recent sale of our home. We were pleasantly surprised at the brief period of time required and must congratulate you for your experience and skill in achieving a sale price higher than we anticipated. You gave us good counseling before the sale and during the review of each of the bids received. Anne and I will certainly recommend you to our friends when considering the sale of their homes."
Jon and Kristen Peirce
"We are so grateful to be on this side of the house sale. Thank you, thank you Dustin for all you've done for us. As we tell everyone the story of our house being sold, it always follows with telling them how you are really the best Realtors one could have! No joke."
Eric Pederson
"I wanted to extend a major THANKS to you for all the help you gave us and especially Jon and Kristin. Jon’s comments were towards the end something like: “I don’t know what we would have done without Dustin. I think he knew more than all the Realtors put together.” I know they both felt good and thankful when the whole deal was finally finished."
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Home Buyer
"Carmen helped us through our first home buying experience. His professional and timely manner made our purchase flow very smoothly with little of the bumps along the road that many others experience. We have already given out his card to two others and highly recommend his service to any who are going through the home buying process."
Paul, Christine, Joshua and Patrick Thrasher
"13 years ago we bought our first home with Dustin. Now, after 2 kids it was time to move on….We worked with Carmen and he dedicated his time to our house hunting quest. We found a house we liked, in our price range, and in the city we wanted. They go above and beyond the role of real estate agents. If we ever buy or sell another home, we would look to the Remington Team to represent us."
Dan and Caroline Wartman
"Thank you so much. CC and the Remington Team were with us every step of this process, which was a daunting one as first-time buyers. It made such a difference to us to have an experienced advocate walking us, and working on our behalf. We will not hesitate to recommend you to others."
Jody and Brent Bower
"We Thank you Dustin so much for all that you and your team did for us selling our home in Woodinville. We were truly blessed to work with you. It warms my heart that you are such an honest and Godly man. It made everything work out beautifully. You gave good advice and helped us to hang in there even though it was tempting to take the first offer."
Doug and Heather Edwards
"We really appreciate you doing the legwork on all of this stuff so far. You have no idea how nice it is to be able to talk about the house that needs work done and people ask how are we going to deal with getting it done? What contractor are we using?

I just tell them our agent is taking care of it. He's arranging everything. Their response is "wow" ours never did anything like that. Then I give them the Remington Team #'s. You truly are awesome. It is every bit worth trusting you. Your knowledge, advice, expertise, resourcefulness, everything. You have made this so easy for us. We thought it would be like some of the nightmare stories that we hear from friends. You have proven us wrong."
Ron and Eileen Lorette
"Our biggest challenge was finding the perfect new home before we could sell our present home. Dustin and CC stuck with this very picky client for over 2 years while we searched and searched. Finally we found a new construction home in Lacey - still almost 10 months before we listed our house for sale. Dustin kept tabs on our neighborhood comparables so that on the listing date he priced our house perfectly! We got top dollar and sold after only 2 days on the market. Then CC negotiated a rent back agreement so we could stay in the house until our new house was ready. Perfect!"
Judy Pagnotta
"Dustin and CC, you walked me through the whole process – held my hand when I needed it, answered my questions and allowed me to take my time. It was hard work, but you got me through it with the good Lord’s help. If I ever do another real estate transaction you will be the first folks I call."
John and Audrey Gilbert
“You've done it again!! :) You have assisted us with another purchase, as well as sale of our home, in your outstanding style and manner, that makes it so easy to recommend you to anyone we know needing such help.”
Dan and Leanna Ramos
“When I said, “I expect the house to sell in 21 days.... I wasn’t expecting it to sell for 3 months, but it actually did sell sooner-1week. Amazing!”
Kim Hemingway
"We were absolutely thrilled with Carmen! We couldn't have asked for a better partner to find our new house. Being 1st time home buyers and my husband being a German i.e. rather picky, we had quite a steep learning curve. When we first started off with Redfin we didn't know what to expect. Our 1st few field agents literally opened the door, they didn't know anything about the neighborhood, construction, costs, etc. We started looking at houses on the east side and hooked up with Carmen, because one of the homes we wanted to see, in Snohomish, was outside of the range of our assigned Agent at Redfin. Carmen did everything right from the very beginning. While we were looking at the color of the paint, he was busy looking at the condition of the roof, hot water heater, siding, all the important things and proceeded to educate us. Everything was covered from what schools to consider to drainage on the plot. He was always very professional and easy to get along with. He never pushed us, offered very good advice, and told us when to run away from the money pits. He answered all of our questions, and believe me we had a lot of them, sometimes in a matter of minutes via phone/text or email. We looked at over 30 homes in 2 months, Carmen stuck with us. Once we made our decision he advised us on what to offer, what to counter offer, pointing out things we should ask the owner to fix in the counter offer. This saved us thousands of dollars! He helped to find a very qualified inspector, gave us names of contractors, closing company, insurance agents the list goes on? He literally held our hand all the way through the process. All that said, and I'm sure I could think of much more. We have grown rather fond of Carmen, and will recommend him to all friends and colleagues who are in the market for a home. All the best!"
Klay and Tonia Dresher
"We were very pleased with the time that Carmen took with us. There were a number of times that we gave very short notice when wanting to look a house, and Carmen was always very gracious and willing to squeeze us in to his schedule. We felt that he was concerned with us and our needs and was never pushy, trying to get us into something we couldn't afford. He was very helpful with any questions we had, and gave a listening ear when we needed a sounding board when considering what house to buy.

Thank you so much for all the fabulous and amazing service you provided! We are more that happy to recommend the Remington Team to anyone we find that is looking to buy or sell."
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Dustin Remington - Direct: (206) 999-5599, Fax: (425) 368-0848,
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